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Know Our Story

Balloons and the wonder of flight had always entranced the Fun Line family. As children, the three founding brothers would take their families to the annual county fair to watch hot air balloons take off into the sky. As adults, they began raising their own families but their love of balloons never faded away.

One day, the brothers decided to turn their passion into a business. From their garage, they started renting out helium tanks to people wanting to fill their own balloons for parties and events. It proved popular; soon they were renting out hundreds of tanks each weekend.


As demand for their services grew, the Fun Line brothers decided to expand. They opened a storefront in Anaheim California and started selling various balloon-related products such as balloons, weights and decorating supplies.


Additionally, they began providing balloon decorating services for events, which proved extremely popular.


As their business continued to flourish, the Brothers Helium business was able to hire more employees and expand operations. Today, it's one of southern California's most respected and successful helium businesses; their childhood dreams have become a successful enterprise. Yet despite all this success, they remain humble and always put customers first - just as they did when they first started out in their garage.

Hot Air Balloons

Our Mission

"Fun Line's goal is to bring joy and magic to our customers through Helium's incredible qualities. We pride ourselves on offering products and services of superior quality that exceed customers' expectations, all the while upholding a commitment to excellence and sustainability in all facets of our business. As a family-owned enterprise, Fun Line believes in hard work, integrity, and creating strong relationships within its community and with customers."

Core Values

Customer satisfaction

Fun Line takes pride in offering top-tier products and services that exceed our customers' expectations, which are our number one goal.


Fun Line aims for excellence in every facet of their business, from product quality and customer service.


Fun Line takes an environmentally-friendly approach to their business practices and strives to incorporate eco-friendly methods.

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